Part martial arts and part dance, tai chi is an ancient form of exercise meant to improve both physical and emotional balance. Using gentle, fluid movements, tai chi works to strengthen muscles and joints in a safe and low-impact fashion. At Deoskar Integrative Health, certified instructor Anita Deoskar helps clients increase mobility and balance using Sun (pronounced like “soon”) style of Tai Chi. Because it is low-impact in nature, it is very easy on the bones and joints, requiring little knee bending, and it is recommended by the Arthritis Foundation of America as a great, safe form of exercise.


• increases flexibility and range of motion
• improves posture and body awareness
• increases mobility of joints
• improves balance
• increases stamina, strength and tone of muscles (especially thighs and abdomen)
• improves circulation and heart and lung function
• improves concentration, memory, and mental outlook
• reduces pain and stiffness of joints
• decreases stress



Tai Chi I – teaches the first 12 of 32 movements

Tai Chi II – student will learn an additional 9 movements which mirror those learned in Tai Chi I

Tai Chi III – An additional series of 9 movements added to the ending of Tai Chi II

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